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Every person, couple, family and company has a story. Typically, our histories, tribal lore and memories are handed down by oral means.  With each passing generation, our stories get diluted – fading and dissolving into the vapor.

We are a nation seeking our roots and connection. Let the intricate tapestry of your life and/or special moments live on in a permanent format that you and all who follow can enjoy and treasure - connecting you through time.

At Epic Tales, we convert your personal life and business stories into compelling literary memoirs with finesse and creativity - capturing your personal culture, linguistic style and nuanced essence.

Like the crane in Asian mythology that is known to live 1000 years, tell us your story….and let EPIC Tales help your legacy live on for 1000 years!

Contact: Gail Goldberg | 1725 York Avenue #26D | New York, NY 10128
T.212.860.7051 or 646.285.4990